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Husqvarna xcut chain sp33g .325 1.3 56

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New saw chain X-CUT from Husqvarna Insert .325 Subdivision thickness 1.3

.325'' - 1.3mm - 56 Switches

Husqvarna introduces a unique saw chain: X-CUT SP33G with a remarkably high cutting capacity. The pre-stretched chain eliminates the need for intermediate tensioning. The Husqvarna chainsaws now perform even better due to the optimal cutting angles and the durability of the chain. The X-CUT chain is the result of close cooperation between Husqvarna's development department and professional foresters.

From our own factory

The cutting performance is determined by the chainsaw in combination with the correct saw chain. In search of optimal performance for professional use, Husqvarna has developed the X-CUT saw chain in-house. The new chains are processed from raw steel to finished product at the Husqvarna plant in Huskvarna (Sweden). The chain consists of five parts: chisel tooth, connecting link, safety link, drive link and rivet. They are carefully connected to form a low-vibration saw chain that makes a narrow cut and requires less power from the saw than standard saw attachments. This results in four advantages: long-lasting sharpness, high cutting efficiency, delayed intermediate tensioning and high durability.

Practical test

Frits Spek of the Praktijk Centrum Bomen: "This new chain saws 'like a jekko'. Especially with the Husqvarna 450E saw I notice a big difference. It cuts much more aggressively than a standard chain". Wouter Schulp of IPC de Groene Ruimte agrees: "The new X-CUT saws a lot faster than the current 0.325" but is quieter and does not buckle. When pruning trees, the technique is very important and the cutting position is essential. This new chain cuts exactly the way it is used". Paul van Bijsterveldt : "More cubic metres per hour, less grinding, less vibration and therefore more cutting efficiency. With this chain, 10% more production is easily achievable.


Durable Because the X-Cut has longer life, less system wear & less risk of chain breakage. Will you have with this chain less costs than before and you are also guaranteed by a better safety. More information
Pre-stretched The chain has already run for a while so the chain is already pre-stretched resulting in more output, improved safety and less product damage also there are less costs because the chain is not so quickly stretched so you can no longer tension. So you are less likely to have a drooping chain, and you need to tension the chain less often! More information
Very good oil guidance The oil is very well taken along in the blade by his hole in the drive link. More information
Heat treatment Due to the unique shape of the drive link with its groove, there will be in addition to the blade also the chisel tooth optimally lubricated. https://img.wolfswinkel.nl/kenmerken/Husqvarna/Accessoires/Ketting/X-CUT/Husqvarna%20X-Cut%20Ketting%20SP33G-warmtebehandeling.jpg More information
Stays sharper The chain requires less maintenance, so you have more time to do the work, better cutting performance and efficiency, less wear on the system & improved control. The benefit you is more output, less cost, improved safety! More information
Immediately sharp through packaging The X-Cut naturally has better performance of the fellow chain brands, but also right from the first use the X-Cut is immediately ready for top performance, most brands are already blunt in the packaging. Therefore Husqvarna has chosen to pack the X-Cut chains in 'rolls' so that the chisel teeth do not encounter other teeth in the packaging. The box is also much narrower and so the chain sits tightly in it More information


Chain specifications
Brand name Husqvarna
Type SP33G
Number of drive links 56
Chain pitch inch
Execution Semicircular chisel shape
Thickness of drive link mm 1,3
Drive link thickness inches .050
Suitable file
File Ø inch 3/16"
File Ø mm 4.8


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