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Edelman auger bottom part 15 cm combi

Item No. 01020215B
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Edelman auger Diameter 150 MM - ± 132 CM Length incl. top part (sold separately)

This type of auger is most commonly used. The typical shape of the Edelman auger ensures a minimum of friction during turning and pulling out the auger: less physical effort.

Optimal result

In order to achieve an optimal result, a auger is chosen depending on the expected type of soil. The one we have in stock is the:

The combination type can hold slightly cohesive sandy soils fairly well, while clay soils can still be removed fairly easily.


This auger is available in different diameters and/or different connections.


Two-piece Edelman drill bits are supplied with the standard bayonet connection or with the conical thread connection.


This auger is without upper part, it is available separately.

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