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With the new, greatly improved tool line from Fiskars, you won't get upset! Read more

Fiskars pro splitting hammer xxl - 91cm 4.7kg
€ 104.99 incl. 21 % VAT

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Fiskars sledgehammer xxl 5 kilo
€ 72.98 € 89.00 incl. 21 % VAT

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Fiskars sledgehammer xl 4000 grams
€ 59.85 € 72.99 incl. 21 % VAT

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Fiskars sledgehammer l 3000 grams
€ 51.24 € 62.48 incl. 21 % VAT

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More results, less effort.

At Fiskars we want to make sure people enjoy what they do. That's why we had you in mind during the development of our brand new tool line. In fact, even before we started designing, we'd done a lot of research to find out exactly what you expect from percussion tools. The answer was loud and clear: less recoil, more durability and maximum impact control.

Ergonomically shaped handle

To ensure that you achieve maximum results without effort, we have designed our ergonomic handle to feel like an extension of your own hand. And for perfect control, we've added some optimized balance. Now you can effortlessly hammer harder than ever before.

Extremely durable stem

If you've used a Fiskars product before, you'll know that our tools are as durable as they are effective. In order to develop a highly durable stem, we used a construction process and a design with an emphasis on long-term strength. This means you can work harder and longer.

Vibration reduction system

Our industry-leading vibration reduction system absorbs up to 70% of the impact experienced by the user. In practice, this means effective protection of hands, arms and wrists. No matter how hard you hit, you experience less pain and strain.