Fiskars Snow Tools

Fiskars Snow Tools

Most people love snow fun, but when the world turns into a winter wonderland, there is always a lot to do. That's why we've developed an extensive line of snow tools, including sleds, snow shovels, snow shovels and snow tools for the car, to make the job as easy as possible. Read more

Expert snow removal solutions

Our innovative line of SnowXpert™ tools offers help with every conceivable snow clearing job. Snow shovels are ideal for removing snow from large areas quickly and easily. Snowrollers work perfectly in smaller gardens and with thin layers of snow. The snow plough with its wide blade is a convenient option for larger areas. For the real thing, there's the sledge, which cleans up even the heaviest snowfall in no time thanks to its lightweight design.

3 advantages of SnowXpert™

  • Superior durability

The patented edge is up to three times more durable, with a sharp front designed to break through ice and solid snow. The aluminium blades are reinforced with steel wire for ultimate durability.

  • New ergonomic handle

The improved design of the new, patented handle provides a better, more comfortable grip. The handle is wide enough to hold on with thick gloves and the angle has been adjusted for greater ease of use.

  • Lightweight

The SnowXpert™ line's lightweight design makes snow clearing a breeze, even with heavy snowfall.

SnowXpert™ features

  1. Easy and comfortable to use thanks to the lightweight aluminium handle and the warm non-slip handle.
  2. The edge lasts up to three times longer due to the steel wire reinforcement in the blade.
  3. New, improved handle design provides improved grip and comfort.