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Husqvarna chain h38 1.1 mm 3/8mini 40e

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40DL / 3/8" MINI PIXEL / 1.1 mm

H38 is made for small saws and has chamfered Chisel chisels. It is a low vibration/low kickback chain. This chain is ideal for private, but also commercial users such as tree caretakers. Designed for use on electric and small gasoline-powered chainsaws.


Chain specifications
Brand name Husqvarna
Type H38
Number of drive links 40
Chain pitch inch 3/8 mini
Execution Semicircular chisel shape
Thickness of drive link mm 1.1 mm
Drive link thickness inches .043
European Tree Worker Yes
Suitable file
File Ø inch 11/64"
File Ø mm 4.5


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Model Category Buildyear
250PS Stokzagen 2002 sep