Review policy

You may have already noticed that we work with Kiyoh, an independent review platform. We find it extremely important to hear and respond to our customers' feedback in order to continuously improve our service. At Kiyoh, all reviews are verified, so you can be sure they are genuine. This way, as a new visitor, you can get a good feeling about our online shop and judge whether our service and products meet your expectations. We hope you have a great experience at Wolfswinkel Groentechniek!

Reliable reviews: Guaranteed verified
At Kiyoh, they make every effort to post only genuine reviews and filter out illegitimate reviews. They have built-in barriers to identify illegitimate reviews and their specialists do further research on reported reviews. At Wolfswinkel Groentechniek, we cannot edit or delete a review, but we do respond to resolve any complaints. We also display negative experiences and only the customer themselves can edit a given review.

It is important for us to receive reliable reviews. Therefore, each customer can only write one review about their experiences with our company. This way, Kiyoh prevents abuse and ensures that the review score cannot be influenced. However, if you bought another service or product from us, you can give more than one review.

If you want to know more about the review system, you can always visit the Kiyoh website. We are open and transparent about how our review system works and are ready to answer any questions or comments.

Want to know more about Kiyoh?
You can find out more about Kiyoh's review policy via the following link.