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Gallagher b80 multipower (12v - 0.8 j) +

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B80 Multi Power electric fencer

The B80 Multi Power is a battery-operated electric fencer for 12V and is suitable for distances up to 7 km. The device is easy to operate with the rotary knob with 3 positions: off, full power and battery test. With the battery test mode you can see how much residual capacity the battery has left. The electric fencer has a connection for a solar panel to charge the battery. With this you don't have to charge the battery every 20 days during the summer period, but only every 125 days! The B80 includes a handle for easy attachment of the device.

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Output voltage (V) 7.5
Load energy (J) 0.8
Pulse energy (J) 0.6
Current consumption mA (at 12V) 80
Recommended battery (12V) Optima YT 2.7L
Without vegetation (Max. length) (km) 7
Light vegetation (km) 3
Much vegetation (km) (advice) 1
Recommended number of earth pens 2x 1
With display (LED indication) No
Vegetation No