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Gallagher turbonet, white 90/2 - 14/w

Item No. 025473
Ean: 8713235025473
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Turbonet, white, 90cm (double pen)

A complete and strong fence net that is very suitable for sheep. Specially developed for better conduction of current, for fencing longer distances.

The length of the fence net is 50 meters. Isn't this enough for you? Thanks to the low resistance, you can easily attach multiple Turbonets to each other.

The fence net includes 14 double pin poles mounted in the net. The poles are 90 cm high.

Suitable for: Sheep

  • Complete and strong fence net including 14 posts and 8 horizontal wires
  • Suitable for longer distances
  • Nets to connect well


Number of conductors 15
Grid spacing (cm) 15
Number of stainless steel slides 9
Stainless steel wire guides 0.20
Turbo Yes
Combi No
Height (m) 90cm
Length (m) 50m
Wires 8
Single Pin No
Double post Yes
Number of posts 14
Resistance (Ohm/m) 0.685/50m
Colour White
Resistance (Nets) 0.68
Number of tinned copper wires 6
Copper tinned wires (mm) 0.25