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IPS is an emission free, completely silent and independent 230 VAC power supply. Read more

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Due to its simple construction, the IPS is easy to use and operate by anyone. Only by switching on the switch on the front side, the IPS is activated and ready for use. This gives you your own 230 VAC supply when there is no access to the fixed network available.

The IPS is powered by a built-in lithium battery and is available in two different versions; IPS1000Li-1200 and IPS1000Li-1200 Solar. Both can be charged via the 230 VAC grid. The IPS1000Li-1200 Solar can also be charged via a solar panel.
The display shows the current state of charge of the battery in % steps.

The IPS has been specially developed for professional use and is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. Only high-quality components are used, resulting in a top-quality product. Despite its compact size and lightweight design, the IPS is able to deliver power under any load without any problems. An important feature of this product is the built-in inverter with its high peak power. Partly because of this, the IPS is extremely suitable for devices, which require a high starting power, to provide energy.