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Husqvarna Chainsaws with battery pack

Husqvarna's battery-powered chainsaws provide all the power you need without noise and fumes. Read more

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You can roughly compare the power of a chainsaw battery pack to a 35cc chainsaw. This means that with Husqvarna's battery saws you can cut trees up to a maximum Ø30cm*.

Which model of battery-powered chainsaw is right for you?

Are you a private person and would you like to saw pallet wood & logs up to 15cm?
Then choose the Husqvarna 120i.

Are you a demanding private individual, do you want a higher chain speed, saw logs up to 25cm?
Then choose the Husqvarna 436Li.

Are you a professional who wants the maximum of his tools & logs up to 30cm*?
Then choose the Husqvarna 536LiXP.

Are you an arborist and do you hang in the tree a lot or do you do aerial work?
Then choose the Husqvarna T536LiXP.

*Naturally you can cut wider, however, the accpetation should be that there would be faster wear on machine & battery.