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Husqvarna High pruning

High pruners are ideal for people who need to cut at height, no more hassle with stairs but just safe on the ground.

Do you opt for a fixed length or rather a variable length?

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Husqvarna hacksaw 525p4s 240cm 1.4pk


Shipped within 5 business days

€ 838,99 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Husqvarna 525pt5s hacksaw vario 397cm


Contact us for delivery time

€ 998,99 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Husqvarna 530ip4 battery hacksaw ex. accu


Shipped within 2-4 business days

€ 599,- incl. 21,0 % VAT

Husqvarna 530ipt5 accu class saw ex.


Contact us for delivery time

€ 678,99 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Husqvarna 530ipx pole saw


1 in stock

€ 599,- incl. 21,0 % VAT