Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna lawnmowers

Our range includes a range of lawnmowers and different cutting methods, sometimes even with four-wheel drive. Regardless of the challenges you face, you'll get the job done in no time at all, with first-class results. Read more

Save your back - and time

All our lawnmowers are efficient and excellently ergonomically shaped. So whether you choose a single or variable speed model, you can count on reliable performance. With a Husqvarna lawnmower your muscles are not unnecessarily stressed and there is no risk of injury. Even better, you can enjoy the nature around you to the fullest. Our lawnmowers are expert and confident partners. The compact design provides excellent manoeuvrability and the vibration-damping handles offer ergonomic comfort. In addition, the robust frame and carefully crafted details ensure greater durability and easy maintenance.

Designed with confidence

All lawnmowers are equipped with a one-piece mower deck. This means that there are no welded parts, which provides torsional stiffness and therefore stability. A one-piece mower deck also guarantees tolerant and durable performance.

A perfect look for your lawn

The first step towards a perfect lawn is the perfect length. You can adjust a Husqvarna mower quickly and easily. With one lever you control the entire mower deck. And thanks to ADTech, the unique design feature that allows the mower deck, blades and cylinder to produce optimum airflow, the result of all mowing methods is always constant. When you collect the cut grass, it's convenient to optimally fill the grass catcher box so you don't have to empty it as often.