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Electric chain sharpeners

An electric chain sharpener is perfect if you regularly need to sharpen your chains, but also if you want to sharpen them perfectly and/or you don't want to do this by hand.
With an electric chain sharpener you can get your saw chains perfectly sharp, and all at the same length. In our webshop we offer 4 different chain sharpeners. All machines are of high quality, but all with their own amount of use. Read more

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Oregon sure-sharp chain sharpener 12volt


1 in stock
€ 45,07

€ 40,57 incl. 21,0 % VAT


Oregon mini-grinder chain grinder machine


Shipped within 2-4 business days
€ 230,32

€ 207,29 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Maxx pro grinder chain sharpener


Shipped within 5 business days

€ 344,69 incl. 21,0 % VAT


Oregon x-chain grinder machine hydro


Shipped within 2-4 business days
€ 782,39

€ 704,15 incl. 21,0 % VAT


1/4'' &.325' chain grinding stone 105x3x22


3 in stock
€ 17,18

€ 16,32 incl. 21,0 % VAT

3/8 &.404 chain grinding stone 105x4.5x22


Shipped within 5 business days

€ 19,21 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Simple grinding work in the forest, you choose the Oregon Sure-Sharp Chain Grinder for that.
Simple grinding work at home that's what you choose the Oregon Minigrinder Chain Grinder for
If you are an experienced hobby saw and you have something to grind, then choose the Maxx Pro Chain Sharpener.
If you grind your chains every week then there is only 1 type suitable and that is the Oregon X Chain Grinder with Hydraulic Clamping Device.

If you grind your chains every day and there are more than 3 of them a day, then the fully automatic chain sharpener might be for you! Would you like more information about this? Call 055-3781214