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Opinion no7 outdoor mes junior blue

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Young adventurers use the Opinel Outdoor Junior Pocket Knife No 7 for all their activities. This tough outdoor pocket knife is perfect for scouting and because of its resistance to water, sea scouts can also use it. The rounded tip is not only safe, but also makes the knife suitable for picnics outdoors. Preparing the sandwich will be very easy this way.

The outdoor knife is made of stainless Sandvik 12C27, which has been improved by Opinel with a small addition of carbon steel and chrome.

The handle is made of high quality plastic (polyamide), sturdy and resistant to impact, moisture and extreme temperatures (-40C to +80C).

The Opinel Outdoor Junior Pocket Knife No 7 has a built-in (emergency) flute that can produce 110 db.

Of course with the safe virobloc closure to prevent unexpected closing during use.

Opinel Outdoor Junior Pocketknife No 7
Colour Blue
Length of blade: 7.5 cm
Length unfolded: 18 cm

Children's knives are rounded and less sharp, but sharp enough to hurt you. Safe handling of a knife (under supervision) is therefore very important.

Our advice is to allow children from the age of about 7 years to use their own knife only under supervision. Depending on the development of fine motor skills and having patience and balance, young teenagers (9 -12 years) are generally able to handle their own pocket knife responsibly.