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Ecostyle lawn-az autumn 2 kg

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Lawn-AZ Autumn Knife dust 2 Kilo

Manure & Lime: strong in winter, beautiful in spring

This fertilizer is rich in potassium, which gives the lawn extra protection against the cold winter. It increases the resistance of the lawn against the influences of the Dutch winters. In addition, lime has been added to the fertiliser grain, which prevents acidification of the soil. Lime lowers the acidity of the soil, which indirectly counteracts the formation of moss.

  • Lawn fertilizer gives 120 days nutrition
  • Organic manure for a green and resilient lawn
  • Works indirectly against moss in grass

100% organic ECOstyle fertilizer for your lawn

The best protection with Lawn-AZ Autumn

With this premium ECOstyle fertiliser, the lawn gets the best protection. Your lawn will come out stronger in the winter and better in the spring.

A beautiful lawn all year round

Provide regular fertilization and liming of your lawn. Start in early spring with Lawn-AZ with ProtoPlus. ProtoPlus ensures that the fertiliser works quickly, even at low temperatures. In addition, sprinkle AZ-Lime.

User manual

  • Spread the fertilizer evenly on the lawn.
  • 1x per year in the period August, September, October
  • 500 grams is good for 10 m2
  • Available in 2 and 10 kg
  • Lawn-AZ Autumn has an unlimited shelf life, if kept dry.
  • Compound Organic Mineral Fertilizer NPK(Cao) 3-4-10(3)
  • Authorised in organic farming according to EC Regulation 834/2007