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Item No. 596322601
Ean: 7391883484562
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Since 1925


This is a engineer, this is an original product of Husqvarna parts.
With the item number 596322601.
Normally this product will be shipped within 2 business days.


The above product is an improved version, successor, replacement for the article number(s below)
Item No. 873680600
Item No. 532007810
Item No. 533001499
Item No. 533045171
Item No. 533071046
Item No. 873610600
Item No. 873800600
Item No. 873930600
Item No. 532751592
Item No. 873750600
Item No. 532054857
Item No. 533120369
Item No. 533124925
Item No. 533412349
Item No. 532124701
Item No. 873540600