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Meindl caracas lady gtx 36 / 3,5

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Meindl Caracas Lady GTX Shoe Ladies

The Meindl Caracas Lady GTX® hiking shoe is a comfortable, waterproof and supple shoe for women. Category A: the shoe is suitable for leisure, daily use, travel and hiking on good paths in cities or in the woods.

The outer material is of a high quality leather and the fabric used gives the shoe a more sporty look.

The Gore-Tex lining not only ensures that the shoe is completely waterproof, but also provides good ventilation. Water from the outside is retained by the membrane, water vapour (perspiration) is transported from the inside to the outside. It is important, however, to wear the right (hiking) socks.

The good heel piece in the shoe and a firm padding around the ankle keeps the heel in place and gives the shoe good support.

Instead of a cambre, which provides reinforcement in the sole of many shoes, the Caracas Lady GTX® is equipped with a branded sole. This sole is made of plastic instead of leather and provides more stability. In addition, the sole is preformed, which in turn ensures smooth handling.

The combination of technical features make the Caracas Lady GTX® a real all-rounder with which you can walk on paved paths, through forests, flat but also sloping terrain. Also excellent for a city trip.

Meindl has included the Caracas Lady GTX® in the category: Light Hiker - Traditional handmade shoe. This guarantees stability and comfort. Furthermore, the sole is whimsical in shape so the shoe gives the right support on all kinds of terrain.

The insole in the shoe is interchangeable. The Air-Active insole is supplied with the shoe, this insole consists of Drysole underlay and a soft upper layer. This provides cushioning and the right climate in the shoe.


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