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Gardena smart water control set (19103)

Item No. 967048901
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Gardena Smart Water Control Set (19103)

Efficient water management via the GARDENA smart App.

The GARDENA smart WaterControl Set consisting of the smart Gateway and the smart WaterControl automatically controls the water flow in your garden and ensures flexible irrigation according to needs. The watering times can be easily set as desired via the GARDENA smart App on your Smartphone or Tablet and coordinated with the cutting times of the smart SILENO. The smart Gateway is the heart of the system and takes care of the communication between all smart devices and the smart App. The gateway can be placed conspicuously in the house and uses the existing router to connect to the Internet.

The GARDENA smart WaterControl Set is ready for use and can be expanded at any time with additional GARDENA smart system devices. The set is ideal for automatic irrigation with the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System or the GARDENA Sprinklersystem.

The smart WaterControl operates on or three AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (not included).

What do I receive when I order this set?

The Gardena Smart Watercontrol
The Gardena Smart Gateway
The Gardena Power adapter for the Gateway


Never let your garden down With the free GARDENA smart-app for iOS, Android and Web you are always in control of your garden - wherever you are. With just a few taps, the app will show you all the relevant information you need and adjust all the settings for your garden work. Convenient and practical. More information
Strong antennas in the smart Sprinkler Computer and smart Sensor ensure the wireless connection to the GARDENA smart Gateway, even in large gardens, and thus a reliable connection for sending the information to the GARDRNA smart App. The smart Gateway establishes the wireless connection between the GARDENA smart products and the GARDENA smart App. Two high-quality antennas ensure a stable and secure connection even in large gardens. https://img.wolfswinkel.nl/kenmerken/Gardena/Smart/967048901/967048901-2.jpeg More information
Reliable irrigation The smart irrigation computer reliably controls the irrigation of your plants throughout the season, even when you are away from home. The proven and tested valve technology ensures a strong connection between the smart irrigation computer, the water tap and the connected products. https://img.wolfswinkel.nl/kenmerken/Gardena/Smart/967048901/967048901-3.jpeg More information
Direct control Simply press the button of the smart irrigation computer and receive the exact data such as signal strength, battery level and watering times via the LED lights on the computer. If you want to spray immediately, press the button again. More information


Smart Water Control
Watering duration 0h 1min - 10h 0min
Watering frequency watering per day, all weekdays
Power supply 3 x AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (not included).
Wire 26.5 mm (G3/3), 33.3 mm (G1)
Working pressure 0,5-12 bar


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