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Gardena battery mower handymower set

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Gardena Battery mower HandyMower 22/18V P4A Set (14620-20)

The Gardena Accu Mower HandyMower P4A Set is supplied as a ready-to-use set with a charger (GARDENA LADER AL 1810 CV P4A) and battery (GARDENA ACCU PBA 18V/45 P4A)

With the HandyMower 22 / 18V P4A ready-to-use battery-powered lawnmower, it has never been easier to keep your small garden beautiful. With a maximum runtime of 25 minutes you can mow around 50 square meters making it perfect for small lawns. Its light weight and compact design make mowing the lawn as easy and effortless as vacuuming your living room.

The cordless lawnmower has a 22cm mulching blade, which finely shreds the cut grass and drops it back to the ground. The cuttings then act as natural fertilizer. There is no need to collect or dispose of the grass cuttings, saving you time and space. The three-level cutting height adjustment allows you to perfectly adjust to the desired height for your grass. Thanks to the option of one-hand or two-hand operation, it gives you great flexibility in taking care of your lawn. The pivoting handle makes mowing even more convenient. The mower is incredibly manoeuvrable and gets into hard-to-reach places under objects and even mows through narrow passages.
A clearly visible LED indicator on the unit shows the current battery charge level. And when you're done, the handle pivots back upright for easy and compact storage.


Ideal for small lawns up to 50 m² The handy size and battery life make the HandyMower an ideal lawnmower for small lawns up to 50 m². More information
It's all you'll ever need The HandyMower comes as a ready-to-use set with a charger and a 2.5 Ah 18V battery from the POWER FOR ALLIANCE. The powerful battery provides up to 25 minutes running time. More information
No need for disposal The HandyMower saves time because you don't have to dispose of the clippings. More information
Lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact The HandyMower is very light, manoeuvrable and easy to manoeuvre. You will have no problems accessing hard-to-reach areas of your garden. More information
Mulching blade - for fine cutting If you cut the grass so fine with the 22 cm mulching blade, you can leave the clippings in the lawn and use them as natural fertiliser. More information
LED indicator The clearly visible LED display directly on the tool provides information about the current battery charge level. So you always know how long you can keep working - and when it's time for a well-earned break. More information

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Weight 4,7 kg
m² per charge turn 50m²
Drive unit Battery

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