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Triff-fix the kindling axe is 1950 grams

Item No. 115607
Ean: 9003022029753
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Since 1925


Mueller TRIFFFIX Classic, S, 7281

Easy to handle, and safe tool for easy and convenient aanmaakhoutjes to make.
The axe blade is made out of they are handforged quality steel from Germany.
Ergonomically designed and therefore easy to control while in the canyons.
Please note that the position of the hand, etc.oh.d. the axe head.
The see-through protective cover allows for optimal viewing while in the canyons.
This TRIFFFIX is a perfect addition to your kloofmachine or splitter axe.


Soort Aanmaakhout bijl
Type staal Gesmeed staal
Lengtesnijkant cm 11
Lengte steel cm 18
Gewicht totaal gram 2073
Type steel Hout
Te gebruiken als hamer Nee
Müller S7281