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Rovince pants duofit man green/black 44

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Rovince pants duofit man green/black

The Rovince Duofit trousers are treated with a permanent anti-sign treatment. The trousers are ideal if you have to work a lot on the ground during your work. That is why there are black areas on the seat and knees. These black areas are therefore not impregnated.


  • Windproof
  • Deep pockets
  • Lockable leg pockets
  • Knife bag
  • Raised back section
  • Fast drying
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Up to 100 washes active
  • Number of bags: 7
  • Color: dark green

Dust composition:
- Green fabric: 67% polyester, 33% cotton
- Black fabric: 50% polyester, 50% cotton

Rovince clothing is insect repellent, so not only against ticks but also against ants, lice, mosquitoes, fleas and sandflies.

Available in Sizes:

Size: 44 to 62

About ZECK-Protec

ZECK-Protec is completely safe and certified. The impregnation is odourless, skin-friendly (dermatologically tested), UV-proof and machine washable. The ZECK-Protec protection remains active on the anti-tick clothing for an unprecedented long time. Tests have shown that even after 80 washes an optimal tick repellent result was achieved. In short: with ZECK-Protec you have a professional tick-resistant garment that does not require post-treatment.

Why Rovince ZECK-Protec?

  • ZECK-Protec forms a permanent protective layer on your clothing, automatically protecting a large part of your body.
  • ZECK-Protec works preventively and prevents a tick from approaching it
  • ZECK-Protec is dangerous for the tick, but completely harmless for you *
  • ZECK-Protec is continuously active
  • ZECK-Protec retains its function, both in good and bad weather.
  • ZECK-Protec retains its action up to 80 times washing according to the washing label.