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Cannon Carver chainsaw blade made specifically for sculpture artists

These carving blades from the Cannon brand are made for carvers looking for durable and strong blades to make sculptures!

Number of advantages of carving blades over regular blades.

  • The nose of this blade is very pointed, easy to stab into wood without kickback & for precise work
  • Works with a narrow chain (1/4) so there is less kickback and can be worked finely
  • Cannon blades are made of special steel. They are processed with great precision and have a long life.

There are 3 different blade fits

  • Universal, this has a blade mounting slot of 8.5 mm and is for almost all small chain saws
  • Husqvarna Wide (D009), this is specially for the heavier models of Husqvarna from the 562XP (G) ->
  • Stihl Wide (D025), this is specially for the stihl MS240, MS260 & MS261

The jusite chain is indicated on the blade how many links it should be. The appropriate chains are also listed in the recommended accessories. The chain must be filed with a 4.0 mm file, these are also in the accessories.

Remember the correct sprocket!

What is important to know is that you must also adjust the sprocket on the chainsaw. It needs to be adjusted so it can drive 1/4 chains. In most cases this is easily adjusted by just replacing the sprocket. However insome cases the clutch drum must also be replaced in case of a fixed sprocket.
These cogs can be found here

For fitting on new type Husqvarna

The machines no longer have a completely closed chain guard, so the oil no longer reaches the place where it is needed, so we have a Carving oil plate made.


Blade specifications
Brand name Cannon Carver
Type C1
Article number manufacturer CCQ-C1-8-50
Bladaansluiting A041/K041/T041/A061/A064/A074/A095/K095/T095/Z095
Version Solid saw blade
Nose radius approx. Ø cm 2.5
Cutting length cm 20
Cutting length inch 8
Groove width inch
Groove width mm 1.3
Blade attachment width mm 8.2
Chain pitch inch 1/4''.
Drive links 49
Matching chains
Oregon 25APS49