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Peltor 3m safety helmet ratchet orange

Item No. G3000NUVOR
Ean: 7318640053670
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Peltor 3M Safety Helmet Ratchet Orange

  • High quality safety helmet
  • Features a swivel head, ventilation and sweatband
  • Suitable for heavy work conditions
  • Integrated 'Uvicator
  • Color: orange
  • Besides the helmet we offer various options to make the helmet complete (see specifications)

The 3M Peltor G3000 is a high quality safety helmet with dial, ventilation and sweatband. It can be assembled with ear muffs, visor, neck protector & safety glasses. The 3M Peltor safety helmet G3000 is a premium safety helmet with excellent quality. The safety helmet integrates seamlessly with the available visors and hearing protection products. The G3000 safety helmet guarantees optimal comfort even when head, eyes and ears need to be protected at the same time. This helmet is suitable for tough working conditions where thorough protection, optimal ventilation and a wide field of vision are required.

There is a red 'Uvicator' integrated in the helmet which - as the influence of UV light affects the material of the helmet shell - will fade in color. The Uvicator is a clear indicator to show when your helmet needs to be replaced. The safety helmet includes a shortened visor for a wider and wider field of vision. The harness is easy to adjust in size and height, thanks in part to the dial. In addition, the interior is 180 degrees reversible, so that the visor can be turned towards the neck. This is especially convenient in case of lack of space or when climbing masts. Furthermore, the 3M Peltor G3000 helmet is typified by its optimized ventilation, with more vents than in a conventional ventilated safety helmet.


Brand Peltor
Type NUV
Color Orange
Adjustment size 53 - 62 cm
Ventilation Grids Yes
Standard EN 397
Hearing protection
Peltor Optime I yellow H510P3E405GU
Peltor Optime I green H510P3E469GB
Peltor Optime I orange H510P3EORANGE
Peltor H520 H520P3E
Peltor H540 H540P3E
Peltor Radio HRXS7P3E
Peltor X4P3 X4P3
Visor (ready & ready)
Steel V4A
Stainless steel V4JSV
Plastic V4B
Visor (2-piece)
Holder V5
Polycarbonate V5F
Plastic V5B
Stainless steel V5C
Neck protector GR3C
Chin strap GH1
Sweatband leather (original is plastic in the helmet) HYG4
Safety glasses clear 94468
Safety glasses tinted 94468TO
Safety glasses yellow 94468GE