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Gardena robotic mower sileno minimo 500m²

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Gardena Robotic mower SILENO Minimo 500m² (15202-26)

NOTE: This is a new article from Gardena which will probably be available by the end of February. You can of course order it, and it will be delivered as soon as it is available!

A silent, versatile and intelligent little gardener - that's the Gardena Robotic Lawnmower Sileno Mino 500 m².

The SILENO minimo is ideal for small lawns and combines high performance and precision with comfortable mowing. Let's get started! Take your smartphone and use the GARDENA Bluetooth® app to enter the size of the lawn, the desired mowing days and the desired start time. The GARDENA Bluetooth® app intuitively guides you step by step through the initial setup. Your robotic lawnmower organises a schedule and is ready for use without any hassle. It is easy to control your SILENO minimo via Bluetooth® up to 10 m away.

This mower has the lowest noise level in its class at only 57 dB (A) thanks to a particularly quiet engine. You and your neighbours can relax in the garden, even when your robot is in action. The advanced CorridorCut guides the robotic mower when mowing narrow spaces and tight corners of only 60 centimetres wide. CorridorCut will even deftly navigate your robotic mower out of tricky dead ends. Guided by SensorControl, the robot itself assesses how often your lawn needs mowing, leaving at exactly the right frequency depending on grass growth. Your clever little helper will cut the grass as efficiently as possible.

The boundary wire indicates to the SILENO minimo the area of the garden that needs mowing. In the same way, the guide wire guides the robotic mower reliably and fully automatically around all cutting areas. Your lawnmower will work through narrow spaces without any problems and even climb slopes or inclines of up to 25 percent. When the job is done, the hard-working robo-gardener returns home to the charging station for a well-deserved charge.


Bluetooth® connection Bluetooth® ConnectionPick up your smartphone and easily set up your SILENO minimo with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App from up to 10 m. Benefits include EasyApp Control, Auto Schedule and EasyConfig for easy setup and hassle-free use. More information
Quiet Relax in your garden while SILENO minimo quietly goes about its work. The best in class low noise level (57db A) will not disturb you at all. More information
Accurate This lawnmower is an expert navigator, tackling the narrowest spaces and tightest corners with reliable precision. More information
Weather & Terrain SILENO minimo is an expert garden helper, which goes to work in all weather conditions, rain or shine. This lawn mower mows all types of lawns, from simple to complex layouts, including slopes up to 25 percent. More information
Ideal for small and complex lawns The GARDENA SILENO minimo 500 m² mows small and complex lawn areas fully automatically, reliably and evenly. It manages narrow spaces and tight corners without problems. The charging station can also be set up flexibly and without problems. More information
Very cool The innovative frost sensor detects temperatures near freezing and pauses the mowing plan to protect your lawn. You can also switch it on or off with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App. More information
Safe and sound Boundary wire defines the mowing area flexibly and reliably - so the robotic mower only mows the designated areas. Highly responsive collision sensors ensure that the mower operates safely without accidents or damage to your garden. If the unit is lifted, another set of sensors ensures that the blades stop immediately, preventing injury. More information
Easy cleaning The GARDENA SILENO minimo is constructed so that a simple watering with a garden hose thoroughly cleans the housing, blades and wheels of dirt, dust and grass residues. More information
Spotlessness: You turn me all the way around! With its point cutting function, a spiral cut, the SILENO minimo is ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as under trampolines or garden furniture - and does the heavy work for you! More information

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