Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.

-12% Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.
Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.
Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.
Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.
Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.
Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.

Gardena wall hose box 25 rollup m/l bl.

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Gardena Wall Hose Box 25 meters RollUp M / L Blue (18620-20)

Watering that is always ready to use: With the Gardena wall hose box RollUp M / L is watering your garden a real pleasure.

This wall hose box saves you the laborious rolling up, your hands remain clean and the hose does not get tangled. The garden hose, which can be attached to any wall, is safely stowed away and very space-saving. Before use, you pull out the 25-meter hose to the desired length. As soon as you stop, the extra short locking points grab and secure the garden hose to the desired length.

Thanks to the convenient wall bracket, the Hose Holder can be rotated 180 degrees and follow your movements in the garden unnoticed. This allows you to easily perform your watering tasks, has maximum freedom of movement and does not kink the hose. The hose does not need to be bent or twisted for coiling: lightly pulling the end of the hose is sufficient to release the lock.

Included in delivery:

_ Wall Hose Box (L x W x H) 66.2 x 26.6 x 50.3 cm
- Wall bracket with screws, dowels and mounting aid
- 25 m quality hose (13 mm) 1/2"
- 1.5 m flexible connection hose
- All required system components & One nozzle with 2 different spray options


Perfect hose storage

Thanks to the wall hose box, the garden hose and accessories are always at hand. Sprinklers, garden sprayers and wash brushes can be easily hung and stored on the wall bracket

For convenient and flexible watering

Thanks to the practical wall bracket, the Hose Box can be swivelled 180°. This allows you to flexibly water any corner of your garden without kinking the hose. After use, the compact box can be easily folded on the wall to save space.

Effortless operation

The garden hose automatically locks at the desired length thanks to the built-in short locking points. This allows you to easily do your watering and has maximum freedom of movement.

Ready for use

The RollUp M / L wall hose box is supplied with a wall bracket, a 25 metre garden hose, a connecting hose, all required Original GARDENA System spare parts and a garden sprayer with two different spray settings.

No kinks or knots

The Wall Hose Box has an integrated hose guide that ensures that the hose is wound evenly without kinks or knots.

UV- and frost-resistant

The Hose Box is protected against the elements with both UV and frost protection. This means that it can be used in all four seasons.

Standard equipment

  • Wall hose box 25 meters roll-up car
  • Manual (NL)
  • Wall mounting
  • Mounting material (screws, dowels, plates)
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