Silky zubat curved hand saw 27 cm

-10% Silky zubat curved hand saw 27 cm

Silky zubat curved hand saw 27 cm

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Silky handsaw Zübat 270- 7.5

The Zübat, the basic series of saws with curved blade is available in five lengths: 240 - 270 - 300 - 330 and 390 mm. The unique Mirai- Me toothing (the teeth are ground into the blade thickness, there is no tooth set) of 7.5 per 30 mm (the popular Zübat 330 is also available with a toothing of 10 per 30 mm) makes the saw very suitable for pruning jobs. The curved blade of the Zübat gives a higher efficiency for working above shoulder height and it is easier to saw on top of the branch.

The hard chrome blade is resistant to rust and the effects of resin and provides a very wear-resistant surface. The blade consists of one piece and runs into the handle which makes the Zübat a perfectly balanced saw.

The Zübat has a rubber molded handle that lies comfortably in the hand and greatly reduces vibrations. The saw fits precisely into the custom-made, swivelling, black plastic case with removable belt holder. The case has an opening at the bottom which allows moisture and sawdust to fall out of the holster.

The Zübat blade can also be mounted on the Zübat hacksaw series, allowing you to use this saw as a hacksaw as well as a hand saw.

The Zübat is part of the basic equipment of a trained tree climber.

Including holster with removable belt holder



The Silky saw is designed to cut with the pulling movement, so the saw blade cannot bend. If your saw does get stuck, never push or force it hard, this can damage or break the saw blade. Always remove the clamping weight to free the saw.

The Silky saw gives a fine cut and requires little cutting power. Do not stress the saw; let the saw do the work. You will tire less quickly and it will benefit the life of the saw. You can slightly control the saw's wood removal by the place where you hold the handle. If you hold the handle close to the blade, there will be relatively little pressure on the blade and the saw will cut the least amount of wood, allowing you to cut very carefully and finely. If you hold the handle at the end of the blade there will be the most pressure on the blade so that the sawing action can be maximal.

Silky sawing
Um Kogyo Inc - Japan
Since 1919 Um Kogyo Inc. in Japan is specialized in the production of hand saws. Through years of experience, they have built a worldwide reputation for best hand saws for both the pruning and woodworking industries. Always with the utmost care the highest quality saws are produced and newly developed according to the needs of the consumer. Today Silky already has more than 100 saws in its program.
Silky makes saws with different teeth for different purposes:

coarse teeth for wet and soft wood
fine teeth for dry and hard wood

A Silky saw isn't just any saw
Silky saws are available for a variety of applications. For example, the tree climber, furniture maker, roofer, landscaper, carpenter, installer, parquetur, demolisher or private individual will always be able to pick the right saw. Moreover, every user recognises the extremely fine saw cut and the smooth work with these Japanese pull saws. Working with a Silky saw is less labour intensive, resulting in a higher yield. Little force is needed to get through the wood. The teeth stay sharp longer, and because of the low vibrations caused by the sawing, working with Silky feels much more pleasant than with other saws. Silky pruning saws damage 50% fewer wood cells, resulting in quicker pruning recovery and less risk of mould and mildew.

Silky users appreciate it like no other
- the efficiency of the razor-sharp saw blades (inductively hardened and quadruple ground).
- the ergonomic handles made of solid rubber.
- the unique design and the inimitable cutting edge.

Very extensive program
Silky offers a complete range of saws for pruning and woodworking, from folding saws to holster saws, from curved to straight saw blades, each with a wide choice of toothing. Telescopic saws are available in lengths from 2.40 m to 7.70 m. There are even specific saws that can be used under certain conditions.
are, like, sawing tree roots or sawing door sills.


Brand Silky
Type Zübat
Type of saw Gunsaw
Number of teeth per 3 cm 7,5
Total length mm 395
Cutting length mm 270
Holster width mm 75
Weight gram 226
Article numbers
Silky KSI327027
On packaging 270-27
Replacement saw 271-27