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There's nothing like cracking firewood with your own hands! It's cheap and you can have a good time. But it's so heavy. And how long it takes. That's why a splitting machine is the solution! This machine does all the work for you.
The most important information about this sweat-saving wood splitter we have gathered for you below. Read more

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Gtm gtl5000h horizontal wood splitter 5ton


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€ 395,- incl. 21,0 % VAT

Gtm wood splitter gtl7000 7ton engine 6.5hp


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€ 1045,- incl. 21,0 % VAT

Gtm cross wedge for gtl7000 gtl8000


Shipped within 10 business days

€ 49,90 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Gtm gtl8000 gap splitter


Shipped within 5 business days

€ 39,95 incl. 21,0 % VAT

Extra thick wedge shape for gtl7000 gtl8000


Shipped within 5 business days

€ 35,21 incl. 21,0 % VAT

  • Advantages of a wood splitter
  • Lumbering without back pain.
  • Requires less force than hand splitting.
  • Easy handling.
  • Low risk of injury.
  • You can split dry and damp wood with it.
  • In the long run, the wood cleaver saves blood, sweat, tears, time, strength and money! What more does a human being want?


Before you start cracking, it's a good idea to read some safety instructions. Below we tell you what to pay attention to when operating a cleaver.

  • Our splitters are nowadays equipped with two-hand operation. The splitting tool only lowers when the user presses down both operating levers at the same time.
  • Electrical start fuses prevent the machine from starting automatically, e.g. after a power failure.
  • In principle, only one person is allowed to operate the splitter. Others must keep a good distance, as flying pieces of wood can cause injuries. Children should not come close to splitters!
  • When installing wood, make sure that only fresh wood may be cut across. If dry wood is split transversely, it can splinter; these splinters can fly more than five metres and cause injuries.
  • The splitter should not be used near fragile objects.