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Electric and Accu Hedge Trimmers

Neatly clipped hedges, without having a lot of trouble Whether it is for shrubs or boxwood hedges, or hedges, GARDENA has the perfect hedge trimmer for virtually all applications, and a garden.

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A selection of our wide range

Husqvarna Chainsaws

This is a group that contains all of our fuel, and the battery powered chain saws

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A selection of our wide range

Antimicrobial opscheuren wood

If round wood is dry, it is opschueren of the great length of round timber / sawn timber to be unavoidable. Here you will find resources at the opscheuren of the wood. To be very effective, and this preserves the wood and is ...

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A selection of our wide range

Husqvarna Electric chainsaws

Husqvarna Electrical chain saws High quality electric 230v powered chain saws from Husqvarna. Ideal for cutting stammtjes / pallets in the home where you don't have to be a lot of noise to make. It is also, of course, be ...

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A selection of our wide range

Solar panels

Solar panels On the lookout for a device that has the free energy, and it is also ecofriendly? Opt for solar! The Gallagher solar range consists of electric fencers with an integrated solar panel and one solar panel are av...

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Fiskars camping kit x5 - sw73 - pro-knife -


33 in stock
€ 74,95

€ 44,97 incl. 21,0 % VAT


Fiskars smartfit free in the popup bag is 56 l of


Shipped within 15 business days
€ 75,89

€ 65,- incl. 21,0 % VAT


Wandslangenbox 25 ft roll-up vehicle


15 in stock
€ 169,99

€ 144,49 incl. 21,0 % VAT


The Premium base set


5 in stock
€ 42,98

€ 36,53 incl. 21,0 % VAT


The Husqvarna 305 automower ® <600m2 2020model


14 in stock
€ 1199,-

€ 1099,- incl. 21,0 % VAT


Husqvarna novolette reel mower action


Shipped within 15 business days
€ 195,50

€ 169,99 incl. 21,0 % VAT