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Top auger nobleman

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Loose upper part of an Edelman auger with a bayonet connection.
This auger is without bottom part (auger), it is available separately.

General about Edelman augering

1.1 Edelman auger
The Edelman auger body is conical in shape and consists of two blades that meet in the auger point at the bottom and are attached to the bottom part at the top via a bracket. The two blades lie side by side in the auger point and form two spoons. When augering, the auger point rotates in the soil and regularly feeds the soil from the bottom of the auger hole into the auger body. The function of the auger blades is to pick up and hold the soil sample in the auger body in such a way that it is also easy to unload.
All Edelman augers in the set have the same diameter (measured diagonally between the blades on the widest part of the auger body). The different types of Edelman augers differ from each other in blade width and the shape of the auger point.

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