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Duracell lithium cr123a battery 50 stk

Item No. CR123A/50
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Duracell Lithium Battery CR123A

Duracell High Power Lithium 123 batteries are made from high purity lithium for up to 40% more power* for your smart home appliances (sensors, keyless locks, smoke detectors), flash units, flashlights, bicycle accessories and electronic dog collars. They come with up to a 10-year storage warranty using Duralock Power Preserve technology. So you can be sure that these lithium batteries are ready to use when you need them.

Lithium DL123A / CR123A / EL123A / CR17345 photo batteries from Duracell Ultra.
This battery is very suitable for use in all flashlights that work with a CR123A battery.

This battery is the replacement for the Duracell Ultra Lithium.

Available from stock!

Batteries are delivered without blister!


  • Type: CR123A Lithium battery
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 1550 mAh
  • Operating temperature: max. 100 °C
  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 17 mm
  • Minimum durability date: March 2027

The batteries are lithium. Because of this the batteries have a long lifespan and can deliver good performance.

These batteries are known as type 123, DL123A, CR123A, EL123A and CR17345.

*vs minimum average duration according to IEC standard test for size CR17345 Results may vary by device and usage pattern.


Nominal Voltage: 3.0 V
Typical Voltage: 3.2-3.3 V
Nominal Internal Impedance: 0.25 ohm @ 1kHz
Average Weight: 17.0 gm
Volume: 7.18 cm3
Terminals: Flat, Recessed Negative Terminal, Nickel Plated Steel
Operating Temperature Range: -20oC to 75oC (-4oF to 167oF)
ANSI: 5018LC
IEC: CR17345


The above product is an improved version, successor, replacement for the article number(s below)
Item No. DL123/50