Husqvarna Pressure Washers

Husqvarna High Pressure Cleaners

Our high pressure washers offer all the quality and intuitive operation you would expect from Husqvarna. Each model is optimised for maximum cleaning performance and designed for a great user experience. Smart swivel functions, fast connections, durable metal pumps, powerful wheels and generous hose lengths are some of the many features that help you achieve a perfect result. Read more

Metal Pump

The pump is made of metal to minimize the risk of breakage and give your product a long service life.

Long and flexible hose

The hose has a generous length and high flexibility to make your job easier and reduce the risk of confusion.

Easy connection

Cable, hose, nozzles and fittings are all quick and easy to connect for quick set-up.

Which high-pressure cleaning model is suitable for me?

The cleaning performance is determined by the combination of water pressure and water flow. The larger the area to be cleaned or the greater the number of tasks to be performed, the higher the recommended cleaning performance to get the job done efficiently.
100 - Series: Designed for simple cleaning tasks such as patios and garden equipment.
200 series: All-round high pressure washers with a robust and purposeful design, ideal for most home and garden cleaning tasks.
300 - Series: Powerful, robust, durable high pressure washers with purposeful design for excellent results in demanding tasks such as vehicles and stone walls.
400 - series: a range of extra-large, full-fledged high-pressure cleaners that offer the highest performance and longevity. Built for the toughest cleaning jobs, including mobile homes and other large vehicles, facades and estates.

Also don't forget to check your electrical installation to make sure that the power supply is sufficient.