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Silky hayate stick saw 380 cm compl. prof

Item No. SILKY380
Ean: 4903585370420
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Silky hacksaw Hayate 380

2- high quality telescopic stick saw for the toughest work.
- retracted length incl. blade 2430 mm
- extended length incl. blade 3800 mm
The Silky Hayate line is a further step in the development of the very popular telescopic Silky Hayauchi stick saws, especially for professional, heavy-duty work. The Hayate is available in different lengths, ranging from 1.8 m to 7.7 m including saw blade. The saw blade, with a high carbon content, is reinforced with molybdenum and vanadium, making it more elastic. The saw teeth of this Japanese tensile saw are sharpened according to the Mirai Me principle and make a very smooth cut with little effort. When retracted, they measure 1.9 metres, which makes them very easy to transport.



Brand Silky
Type Hayate
Type of saw Band-Saw (Log band saw)
Saw blade length mm 420
Number of teeth per 3 cm 6,5
Width holster cm 15
Weight incl. saw gram 2500
Lengths without saw blade
Total length retracted cm 185
Total length max. extended cm 326
Lengths with saw blade
Total length retracted cm 237
Total length max. extended cm 378
Article numbers
Silky KSI037042
On packaging 370-42
Replacement saw 373-42
Replacement saw complete KSI037442
Replace Sickle KSI037542

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